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Curriculum Vitae & Résumé of Ralph Hosking

I've been in the software development industry since joining BS Microcomp in Melbourne as a junior programmer. I spent the next ten years in Melbourne and Luxembourg working on DR-one foreign exchange / money market and back office applications.

After DR-one I joined Odyssey Advanced Financial Solutions as programmer, and later development manager, working on MIRAGEcrm private banking application. After three years I returned to Australia and worked as an independent software developer.

I then started as system architect and programmer at TIM Technologies Pty Limited, a cloud computing and internet of things developer, working on software as a service applications including CRM, carrier invoicing, telephone call reporting and digital signage.


Name Ralph HOSKING
Location Melbourne AUSTRALIA


2004 Post Graduate Diploma in Internet Security Management, Curtin University, Perth AUSTRALIA
1988 Bachelor of Electronic Engineering, Curtin University, Perth AUSTRALIA

Career summary

2005 - 2018 System Architect & Programmer. TIM Technologies Pty Limited. Perth & Melbourne. Cloud computing, call accounting, digital signage.
C#, .NET, MS SQL, Windows, javascript, jQuery, machine-to-machine, web services, database admin & performance analysis, security
2002 - 2005 Programmer. Contracting. Perth. Independent development, ticket machines, data recording, CRM.
C++, C#, ASP, .NET, MS SQL, Windows, MFC, data collection & analysis, remote connectivity, user requirement analysis
1998 - 2001 Development Manager & Programmer. Odyssey Advanced Financial Solutions. Luxembourg. MIRAGEcrm, private banking CRM.
C, C++, DES, FTP, Windows, MFC, MS SQL
1988 - 1998 Programmer. BS Microcomp, BIS, ACT, MKI, Midas-Kapiti, Misys. Melbourne & Luxembourg. foreign exchange / money market, back office.
assembler, C, C++, DOS, OS/2, Windows, Win32, double-byte Japanese port, multi-screen, windowed video, emulation, audio-video, driver, middleware


Nationality Australian
Organisations   IEEE member
Programming 30 years; 10 years C, 7 years C++, 13 years C#
International 10 years; Europe and Japan
Interests Home control system, walking, cinema, science fiction, Luxembourg, New York City
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