A couple of photos take here and there. Most new pictures are on Instagram these days.


Melbourne, view from home Elizabeth Quay, Perth Perth from South Perth Rockingham The Nullabor - Camels, Wombats and Kangaroos. Camels?! Noosa Warnbro Brisbane Noosa Perth Sydney


Many visits while based in Luxembourg

Tower Bridge London Buckingham Palace St. Pauls Tower Bridge


Grund collage - I spent 10 years in Luxembourg, I will return. [2019-06-27 slowly planning a visit]

The Red Bridge Cathedral Grund Grund Dommeldange 1998-01-04 17:00 Dommeldange 1998-01-04 17:01 Dommeldange 1998-01-04 17:04 Dommeldange 1998-01-10 08:52 Dommeldange 1998 Dommeldange 1998-08-08 13:21 Pont Adolphe Luxembourg


Countless stop overs & one week based there for work

Central Business District Raffles Hotel


One vacation, 2 or 4 work visits and a few ski trips

Geneva Genva Geneva Geneva Geneva Geneva


German town close to Luxembourg, 2 visits

Trier 1992 Trier 1992 Trier 1992


Fantastic work incentive 3 day weekend

Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice Venice

The Audi A4

I liked that car - slam the door at the end of a bad day and it'd make a nice tidy German sound!

Audi A4 Audi A4