How I Met Your Mother

The final episode of 'How I Met Your Mother' gets a lot of hate. I disagree - it did what it said on the tin - we saw how Ted met his children's mother. There were parts I didn't enjoy but overall I loved the episode. My review at the time was "Funny, happy, sad, perfect!". I stand by that.


  • Barney: "You played 'Have You Met Ted' without me, in my bar, with my Ted?"
  • Lily: "Not like this, this is different" to Marshall's negative comment about Ted's first date with Tracy.
  • Ted and Tracy's excitement at Tracy's pregnancy.
  • Barney: "I love you Robin and when we got married I made a vow I would always tell you the truth."
  • Lily & Marshall's 3rd pregnancy.
  • Tracy's smile with Ted before Barney's "Oh my scrotum!"
  • Marshall becomes Judge Fudge and later Fudge Supreme.
  • Barney's commitment to his daughter, Ellie "You are the love of my life. Everything I have and everything I am is yours. Forever."
  • I loved Tracy's reengagement playfulness. "Yes, yes.", "Yes, sorry.", "Yes.", "Yes."
  • Ted and Tracy's wedding.
  • Ted's summary of his and Tracy's life. :(
  • We saw what we waited to see - 'How I Met Your Mother'. Flirting - "This umbrella has always belonged, T.M., to me."
  • Loved the French horn Smurf penis presentation call back, music and Robin's look in reply. : (


  • Barney and Robin fighting.
  • Barney and Robin's divorce.
  • Barney's relapse.
  • Robin losing/stopping contact with everyone.
  • Barney's new playbook.
  • Barney's perfect month*.
  • Tracy's death.


Would we still be talking about the final if was a bland everyone lived happily ever after episode?