Résumé of Ralph Hosking

Software Developer at TIM Technologies working with energy, environmental, signage, telecommunications, and other devices. Other projects include online food ordering and associated back-end, merchant terminal and phone apps.

I have designed, created, or supported all aspects of these systems including CRM, databases, websites, invoicing, reporting, alerting, IoT endpoints, machine-to-machine communication, web services and APIs, phone apps, security.


I have worked in the software development industry since joining the Software Development Centre of BS Microcomp in Melbourne. After ten months I was assigned to the Japanese project culminating in four weeks in Tokyo. The OS/2 PM port saw me spend three or four weeks in Sydney. A year later the company was downsized and five of us were transferred to Luxembourg for one year, I stayed ten.

After ten years with DR-one I joined Odyssey Advanced Financial Solutions as programmer, and later development manager, working on MIRAGEcrm private banking application providing Microsoft Windows GUI access to AS/400-based DES-encrypted data.

After three years I returned to Australia and worked as an independent software developer before starting TIM Technologies Pty Limited.

During my Luxembourg-based period I spent time in Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK working with customers and suppliers.


There is much to cover here, I will just hit the highlights. The 'Career summary' section covers technologies with which I have spent most time.

Most of the source code I have written or supported has been in C-style languages C, C++, C#, JavaScript. Additionally, I have worked with 8085 and 8088 assembly, Java, VBScript. Frameworks include ASP, ASP.NET, React Native.

Operating system focus changed over the years from DOS and OS/2 to Windows and Linux, both command-line and GUI applications. Database work has been primarily with MS SQL, some work has been with CrateDB. Communication and data transfer technologies include async comms, Token Ring, TCP/IP, FTP, SFTP, sockets. Hypervisors include Hyper-V, Proxmox, VirtualBox, VMware, XenServer.

Integration with third-party interfaces has included Stripe, Xero and, on personal projects, Fitbit and OpenWeather. In the opposite direction I have created SOAP web services and REST API interfaces collecting and exposing data to registered users and mobile apps.