A couple of photos taken here and there. Most new pictures are on Instagram these days.


Currently Melbourne CBD-based, I've also lived in Perth, Sydney and other locations. I've driven solo across the country three times, usually 3 days at 13 hours per day. Longest run was Melbourne to Ceduna, 16 hours 40 minutes, I was used up. The latest from Melbourne is in webcam land.

Welcome to Flinders Street Station, the time is 11:05 the temperature is 16.9°. 2023-10-29. This morning, on Tatooine, well Melbourne, Australia 2017 Elizabeth Quay, Perth, Australia Perth from South Perth, Australia 2014 Rockingham, Australia The Nullabor - Camels, Wombats and Kangaroos. Camels?! Australia 1988 Rockingham, Australia Warnbro, Australia Brisbane, Australia 1997 Noosa, Australia 1997 Perth, Australia Sydney, Australia 1997


Many visits while based in Luxembourg, a fun experience attending places we've all seen on TV. I ended up with UK-based meetings, they were usually scheduled for a Friday or Monday in London or Birmingham giving me weekends in the UK.

Tower Bridge, London England 1992 London, England Buckingham Palace, London England 1992 St. Pauls, London England 1992 Tower Bridge, London England 1992


Grund collage - I spent 10 years in Luxembourg, I will return. I lived in the city centre for 5 years, loved it, miss it - a few minutes walk to Place d'Armes, a few minutes walk to Scott's, the pub in the Grund. [2019-06-27 slowly planning a visit, 2021-10-15 very slowly, 2023-05-22 starting to look likely; be ready for an influx of Lux pics]

The Red Bridge, Luxembourg Cathedral, Luxembourg Grund, Luxembourg Grund, Luxembourg Dommeldange, Luxembourg 1998-01-04 17:00 Dommeldange, Luxembourg 1998-01-04 17:01 Dommeldange, Luxembourg 1998-01-04 17:04 Dommeldange, Luxembourg 1998-01-10 08:52 Dommeldange, Luxembourg 1998 Dommeldange, Luxembourg 1998-08-08 13:21 Pont Adolphe, Luxembourg Luxembourg


Countless stop overs on the Melbourne - Singapore - London - Luxembourg route. One week based there for work. Changi Airport is great.

Central Business District, Singapore 1996 Raffles Hotel, Singapore 1996


One vacation, 2 or 4 work visits and a few ski trips. I enjoyed Geneva and the drive around Lake Geneva (Lac Léman). The north, Swiss, side was a lot more interesting than the south, French, side.

Geneva, Switzerland 1997 Geneva, Switzerland 1997 Geneva, Switzerland 1997 Geneva, Switzerland 1997 Geneva, Switzerland 1997 Geneva, Switzerland 1997


German town close to Luxembourg, 2 visits. Visiting McDonalds I started ordering in French. Scheisse. Ended up using English.

Trier, Germany 1992 Trier, Germany 1992 Trier, Germany 1992


Fantastic work incentive 3 day weekend, thanks Dave and business partners. Stayed at the 'Star Hotel'. A large credit card bill as Dave left his wallet including credit cards and passport in Luxembourg. I paid for dinner for 30 and put in a great expense claim on return.

Venice, Italy 1998 Venice, Italy 1998 Venice, Italy 1998 Venice, Italy 1998 Venice, Italy 1998 Venice, Italy 1998 Venice, Italy 1998 Venice, Italy 1998

The Audi A4

I liked that car - slam the door at the end of a bad day and it'd make a nice, tidy German sound. So did the second Audi A4.

Audi A4 1996 Audi A4 1996