Hosted call accounting blog

A hosted call accounting solution runs as a software as a service (SaaS). This is increasingly being known as cloud-computing. These solutions run a very small program at your premise and all the complicated and difficult to maintain components are provided by a dedicated data center.

Designed from the ground up as a hosted call accounting solution TIM4biz call accounting supports all your call reporting needs.

Typical call accounting installation

When you hear the term 'call accounting' you probably think "great, another call accounting program with the usual problems":

  1. It requires its own dedicated pc in my office
  2. I'll have to sit around and wait for the technician to install the system
  3. There's going to be a database that will require maintenance
  4. I'm going to have to make sure someone does a daily backup and remembers to take the backups home each day
  5. I'm going to have to install updates and patches to stay current

Typical call accounting problems

Typical call accounting programs install on the computer in your office and you have to make sure it is running and saving calls:

  1. When you go to run the end of month report you discover it's not been saving calls
  2. The database is down
  3. There is no backup
  4. The PBX time is wrong and all the calls have been recorded to the wrong day
  5. There was a floppy disk in the drive, the pc rebooted and didn't start
  6. The pc rebooted and no one remembered to log in
  7. Someone turned the PC off and no calls have been recorded
  8. The cable from the PBX to the PC was unplugged and no calls were recorded
  9. You can only run reports from the call accounting PC is installed in the server room
  10. Can't access reports from your own pc or have to install special software

Hosted call accounting features

A hosted call accounting solution runs as a software as a service and all the complicated and difficult to maintain components are somebody else's problem.

  1. Designed from the ground up to be a dedicated hosted call accounting solution and is not a simple web console nor a web front-end to a legacy call accounting package.
  2. No web server, no database of ANY sort installed
  3. No complicated database maintenance required
  4. No high performance dedicated computer required
  5. Can be accessed from any computer on the internet with no additional software
  6. Automatic daily off-site backups
  7. Automatic notification when the call accounting computer is switched off
  8. Automatic notification when the cable from the PBX to the call accounting pc is unplugged
  9. Automatic notification of long duration phone calls
  10. Automatic notification of expensive phone calls
  11. Automatic notification when the PBX time is incorrect
  12. Automatic notification when there is no call traffic
  13. Create custom report layouts for you favorite reports
  14. Email reports to yourself with a single mouse click
  15. Schedule reports to be emailed to you automatically at the schedule you want
  16. Fast all trunk busy, trunk utilization report
  17. Simple multi-site setup
  18. Simple multi-user setup
  19. Setup application that fits on a floppy disk or on a USB thumb drive.