Curriculum Vitae and Résumé of Ralph Hosking

Software Architect and Full Stack Developer at TIM Technologies working with energy, environmental, signage, telecommunications and other devices. Other projects include online food ordering and associated back-end, merchant terminal and phone apps.

I have designed, created or supported all aspects of these systems including CRM, databases, websites, invoicing, reporting, alerting, IoT endpoints, machine-to-machine communication, web services and APIs, phone apps, security.


I've worked in the software development industry since joining the Software Development Centre of BS Microcomp in Melbourne. After ten months I was assigned to the Japanese project culminating in four weeks in Tokyo. The OS/2 PM port saw me spend four weeks in Sydney. A year later the company was downsized and five of us were transferred to Luxembourg for one year, I stayed ten.

After ten years with DR-one I joined Odyssey Advanced Financial Solutions as programmer, and later development manager, working on MIRAGEcrm private banking application providing Microsoft Windows access to AS/400-based DES-encrypted data.

After three years I returned to Australia and worked as an independent software developer before starting TIM Technologies Pty Limited.

During my Luxembourg-based period I spent time in Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK working with customers and suppliers.


There's a lot to cover here, I'll just hit the highlights. The 'Career summary' section covers technologies with which I've spent most time, I'm sure I've missed more than some.

The majority of source code I've written or supported has been in C-style languages C, C++, C#, JavaScript. Additionally, I've worked with 8085 and 8088 assembly, Java, VBScript. Frameworks include ASP, ASP.NET, React Native.

Operating system focus changed over the years from DOS and OS/2 to Windows and Linux. Database work has been mainly with MS SQL, some work has been with CrateDB. Communication and data transfer technologies include async comms, Token Ring, TCP/IP, FTP, SFTP, sockets. Virtual machines include Proxmox, VMware, XenServer.

Integration with third-party interfaces has included Stripe, Xero and, on personal projects, Fitbit and OpenWeather. In the opposite direction I've created SOAP web services and REST API interfaces collecting and exposing data to registered users and mobile apps.

Interesting experience / anecdote

Whilst working on a Sweden-based project my Monday morning commute was Luxembourg - Brussels - Copenhagen - Stockholm. I discovered the telephones in Copenhagen airport appeared to have Y2K issues.